Question asked on Sept. 28, 2020

Q: We separated in April. I’ve been asking when am I going to be served papers so we can get it done. I’ve been left with all debts and I wanted the judge to make a ruling so the debt could be broken in half. I was under the impression that things were community property. My ex has been doing a lot of wrong and slick stuff

A: The short answer to your question is “yes” — the rules require service of process, etc., but sometimes people serve wrong addresses, or even lie about it, requiring motions to set aside.  Any family law lawyer can easily check the court computer to see if a case is pending, or you can call the Clerk’s office and ask directly (702) 455-2591 for Clark County.  And if you want to proceed but your ex has not filed anything, you do not have to wait for your ex; you can file yourself at any time.  For background on every subject of property, debt, spousal support, etc., see the materials posted here; you should also consult with a family law specialist.