Question asked on April 3rd, 2018

Q: My wife is my care giver due to an accident I’m physically disabled and require help with most daily activities. In my state divorce can go through even if filed without my signature. I’ve been researching abandonment. She lies to my family about arguments and abuse. I can take lie detector if necessary.

A: Short, answer, no.  Nevada, like pretty much every State today, has “no fault divorce,” which only really requires one party to file and express a belief in “incompatibility.”  When people speak of “contested divorces” in the modern era, they are speaking of the terms, not as to whether a divorce will be granted.  You really should secure the advice of a family law specialist.  In the meantime, you should review multiple pages of our website, on subjects such as divorce, property division, spousal support, etc.  You can get to the website here.