Question asked on June 2, 2020

Q: I have been paying for an SUV that he bought for me but still under his name and when he gets angry he takes away the key and I have to Uber to work and I’m tired of him kicking me out when I pay HIS full mortgage..NO I don’t have proof because I give him cash and he deposits into his account because he claims that a money order takes 3-5 days to clear and the times that I did give him a money order he threw an angry fit and I was too scared to make that mistake again, but I do have statements of the money coming out of my account and he has his statements showing money going in, isn’t that enough proof? Now he wants to sell the house and he wants to keep his money and said that he will make sure he doesn’t pay me any child support! what are my rights? we’re not married but been living together for 10 years

A: Who is on the mortgage does not matter — ownership has to do with who is on title (the deed).  After ten years and having children together yes, you have claims to make.  Take a look at the material posted regarding the rights of unmarried cohabitants as to property posted here, and child support and custody here and here.  You need more than can be provided in an email, however; please call any time during regular business hours and speak with one of our lawyers, and we will see what we can do to assist you.