Question asked on Sept. 7, 2020

Q: I also wanted to know if we have to attend family meditation classes due to the fact our two daughters were conceived before we were married. Please let me know how I should start this process I want to remarry.

A: Short answer:  yes.  Long answer: it depends on what you wish to accomplish; it is also unclear who lives where, at least as to the children.  The Nevada court can dissolve the marriage, but it is clear that there are other issues, including child custody and support.  Look at the materials posted here and here, and probably check out the pages on Divorce, Property, and Spousal Support, and then especially the article “The Basics of Family law Jurisdiction” (on both the Child Support and Child Custody pages), and then call, ask any preliminary follow up questions, and consider scheduling a consultation to go over all of your facts circumstances, rights, obligations, and options.