Question asked on April 4th, 2019

Q: My maternal grandmother got custody of me through a battle between her and my drug addicted mother (father left before i was even born) . I am looking to attempt to obtain the back child support for my grandmother. I don’t know how to start the process or any of the legality or how any of this works.

A: There are some gaps in that narrative, but to start your review you can find “how all this works” by reviewing our child support page, and our interest and penalties page.  In Nevada, there is no statute of limitations for child support incurred in the modern era, so the question will be what order existed; if there wasn’t one, then it is possible that only up to 4 years back support can be collected.  It would probably be best if your grandmother made an appointment with a family law specialist, bringing in for a consultation all the court orders involved; any knowledgeable family law attorney should be able to analyze the situation and advise you.  If you really wish to try all this on your own, it probably would still be a good idea to get some analysis and advice, but the self help forms can be found here.