Question asked on Nov. 10, 2020

Q: My ex wife and I have shared custody of our daughter. My ex wife has primary and I have visitation. There’s an agreement in our custody papers stating one parent must agree with other parents decision to move. My ex wife asked to move out of state and I told her I was not okay with it. She then said she was going on vacation and would be back in 2 weeks. 3 days before her return she then said she had to remain there due to a family crisis. I finally got a hearing with the judge scheduled. I offered many resolutions for her to return our child to Nevada. She refused or was non responsive.

A: There is a lot of precedent for people making excuses or making up stories trying to make a “temporary visit” into a permanent move, but it is much too detailed to go over by email.  You can represent yourself in the pending motion to have the child returned to Nevada, but your best interest may well be served by hiring competent counsel (a family law specialist) to appear at the hearing.