Question asked on Sept 21st, 2017

Q: We were a blended family and she has moved the date that I can come get my belongings twice. I am unable to get my sons bed and other belongings. Can she just refuse to give me my stuff and refuse me access to the house?

A: There are several answers, depending on the level of conflict and some of the surrounding facts.

No, she “can’t just refuse.”  Well, she can, but that choice tends to incur consequences.  Are you in the court system?  Is there any kind of order?  Sounds like she is in and you are out of the house.  In that context, presuming no court involvement, Metro will do a “keep the peace” standby site visit if necessary while you remove your clothing, etc.  But they generally do not let folks walk out with furniture.  If you HAVE been to court and have an order saying that stuff is yours to take, the cops will generally stand by while you walk it out, if that is really required.

If you can’t get cooperation, that is why there is a family court — get a court order, and then enforce it.  If unsure, consult a family law specialist versed in how to get things done.