Question asked on April 1, 2020

Q: My baby’s dad called the cops because I had kicked him out of a friends house because I didn’t feel safe and he called the cops and had cps involved stating I was high and we were living in my car which wasn’t true and the cps worker took him because she assumed I was high and that I was living in my car. I need my son he is 6 months old I cant even physically visit him because of covid 19 I feel like they should have never took him from me because originally we were staying at my aunts. I should be getting my own place this week I need my son I hate he is away from me with this pandemic

A: It seems very odd that any CPS worker would simply accept false allegations about your living circumstances and possible drug use without any investigation or evidence.  That said, you obviously need to consult with a family law specialist who handles abuse and neglect cases, and be prepared at the first hearing, which will be soon, to show evidence rebutting the allegations –say an affidavit from the aunt you live with, and a clean drug test.  If so, you may be able to nip this in the bud at the first hearing.  Then you need to work with your family lawyer to get some longer-term arrangement put in place for the child custody, and child support.