Question asked on March 22nd, 2018

Q: My boyfriend has joint costody of his kids (14 and 13) they primarily live with their mom because of school. His “parent time” is 3 weekends a month + every other holiday + half of summer and school breaks. His ex is constantly allowing the kids to make plans during his parenting time. This last month his 13 year old only came over once now she has allowed him to make plans again so he is not coming over this coming weekend. Can she do that?

A: The precise facts are a bit vague, but the general rule is that each parent has the right to dictate the kids’ schedules during their respective time.  If there are conflicts, either an agreement or a court order can deal with who has what rights to make which decisions for extra-curricular and other activities.  For background information, click here.  It may be a good idea to consult with a family law specialist.