Question asked on Sept 6th, 2018

Q: My Ex and I separated 3 months ago, his things are locked in his trailer in my driveway. He said he would be back in a few months to get it but its been 3 months and he has no future plans to pick it up. How do I legally make him pick it up, or get it moved myself?

A: This is a very common scenario.  If your existing court orders (if any) say anything about that property, you should follow that order.  If not, the usual method of dealing with this recommended by lawyers is to provide written notice of a given time within which he must contact you to arrange a specific time for pick up (say, within the next ten or 14 days) and that if it is not picked up it will be put into storage.  Then, if not picked up, pay one month’s rent on a storage unit, have it all put there, give instructions to allow your ex access if he shows, and give written notice to the ex of where it is, how long the rental is paid for, and that if he does not pick it up it will be given away or destroyed by the storage unit.  Then it is no longer your problem.