Question asked on Oct. 26, 2020

Q: My fiancé’s ex-girlfriend is refusing to let their daughter live with us because she doesn’t approve of my being a liberal. But the reason my fiancé wants his daughter out here is because his ex-girlfriend who married her cousin, and now that cousin-husband has sexually molested their daughter. He doesn’t believe that she is capable of taking care of their daughter in light of this event. And he believes that if his ex-girlfriend hadn’t married her cousin, this would not have happened. Is this grounds for taking full custody of their daughter and son? They live in Florida right now and we are in Las Vegas.

A: Possibly.  This situation requires a full examination of all the facts and circumstances, starting with which court where has jurisdiction, and going into the full custodial and care history — but the child should be rescued from an environment of sexual abuse no matter what, and the sooner the better.