Question asked on June 29, 2020

Q: I have my Grand child living with me. Department of Child services removed my grand child from the mother’s home due to physical abuse by the mother. DCFS has since placed my Grand child in my care. I received a copy of the court case that initially began over a year ago. At the time of my grand child’s abuse, Department of Child services had not provided medical attention for the child in question immediately after the physical abuse to her face and head. As a lot of time has gone by, I was not aware CPS had not done so I recently had taken the child to see a Physician M.D. The MD stated that if any damage was done it is too late now. The MD examined the child and stated if there was any damages done, the injuries would be healed now CPS now wants to have the child seen by a what they said is a neurologist. Come to find out they are having the child tested for memory loss and motor skills. My question is does CPS have authority to make us attend these appointments.

A: Your procedural situation is unclear.  If there is still an open abuse and neglect case, CPS is presumably looking to substantiate the abuse for prosecution, but after a year that seems odd.  if the pediatrician indicates that neurological examination might be of use to the child’s future development, it seems prudent to make an appointment no matter why it is being requested.  You probably should take all of your paperwork and consult with a family law specialist well versed in abuse and neglect cases to determine your options, and any risks to you or to the child.