Question asked on Sept. 12th, 2017

Q: I was living with my wife in Wisconsin before I moved to Nevada. I live in Nevada for over 2 years now. I want to file a divorce. We don’t have children. What is estimated total cost of hiring an attorney throughout the process? Thank you!

A: There is no way to estimate the cost of a proceeding from those few facts.  If entirely uncontested, it could be as little as the filing fees and you could get the paperwork through the self-help center without paying an attorney at all.  See here.  Obviously, there could be a lot more in the way of complications (debts, property, perhaps pensions, to distribute, requiring QDROs, issues of alimony, perhaps other matters not obvious from the question).  If you have some preliminary questions, feel free to call any time during regular business hours and a member of the attorney staff can try to answer them.