Question asked on May 23rd, 2018

Q: Daughter 14 8th grd got pregnant by 19 yr old. DA gave him a child abuser passing a danger assess not sex offender. She got custody. We moved to Reno from Vegas. She moved back to Vegas. He wont stayaway. I live in Reno & want to see grandchild. She now lives with a regist sex offender when ex was made child abuser. She doesn’t think sex offenders are dangerous cuz her case dropped. She’s now 19 &he’s 25. I want custody to keep granchild away from both men. Can I win in family courts?

A: Maybe.  As the child lived in your home, you probably have adequate “standing” to request custody, but it’s an uphill fight since there is a “parental preference” which might make you have to prove the mother unfit to actually win a custody fight.  Review the information posted here.  Also be aware that there is a Commission now working to suggest what could be large changes to the custody statutes; they should be done in a few months, before the next legislature convenes.  Really, what you need is a thorough consultation with a qualified family law specialist, going over the facts, and your options, in detail.