Question asked on Feb 15th, 2017

Q: My ex wife is receiving alimony for 7 years. She is cohabitating in her now significant others house for over two years . Their financial status is significantly more than my wife’s and my income combined. I pay child support as well. Anything I can do?

A: Maybe.  The first question is what your existing Decree/order states about modifiability of support.  There is case law talking about cohabitation and alimony modifications; you should read the information posted here, and the outlines and articles How Cohabitation Affects Divorce Settlements (Teleclass with Carol Ann Wilson, CFP), posted here, and Cohabitation and Alimony Payments: Understand the Laws in Nevada, posted here.  For a more particular analysis of your exact facts and legal options, call and set up a consultation appointment to go over all of your options, at this office or with another family law specialist of your choice who you believe to be highly educated on these issues.