Question asked on Sept 18th, 2018

Q: I’m active duty military, so it’s not possible for me to physically reside in Nevada for six weeks. However, my father has an address there (note: it is not my home of record). Is there something in Nevada law that allows me to change my address to his in order to become a resident while I’m stationed in another state?

A: Short answer: no.  Statutory and case law make it clear that to establish Nevada residence in the first instance, you must actually live here, intending to make Nevada your home, for at least 6 weeks.  Details are here and in the article “Divorcing the Military,” in the section titled “Federal Jurisdiction,” posted here.  That said, it is unclear what exactly you are trying to accomplish, or why, and there may be another way of doing so.  You should call this office, or that of another family law specialist well versed in military and jurisdictional matters, explain your actual aim, and see if the attorneys can help you achieve it.