Question asked on July 30, 2020

Q: In January my wife and I had to temporarily have our live with her parents due to a criminal issue that eventually got dismissed. So in late Feb early March we moved to a different county to have a fresh start. So since everything as in counseling, classes and drug was voluntary nobody had issues because everything was on webcam due to the covid 19 we were able to still participate “voluntary”. So in April there was a miscommunication which caused our case to officially open after we had already moved. Now the judge is forcing us to move back to were it all started because our team didn’t help set up the services were we live like it said in our paperwork. After I found out that it wasn’t being set up I took the liberty of doing so. But because it took awhile the judge is forcing us back even though I had all set up here and ordered us to do inpatient rehab because we can’t test everyday because we live 2 hrs away, had that set up too. So can he make us move?

A: The question as phrased is a bit confusing.  It would seem to make sense to try to find a way to get done where you are everything that the judge (or the case plan) indicates is to be done where you were, and then file a motion asking for consent to stay where you moved.  To answer your question, the judge may not be able to “force you to move,” but he can rule against you, or find the plan not followed, if in fact it is not followed or completed where you are.