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NRCP 16.2

In light of the unique aspects of family law, the Nevada Supreme Court and a Committee of the Nevada State Bar Family Law Section proposed and implemented a dramatic new set of guidelines for the practice of Family Law in Nevada. Phased in over the second half of 2008, the new rule sets were designed to speed up litigation, increase transparency, reduce costs, and improve efficiency in handling caseloads. The rules include a uniform financial disclosure form and provisions for early case conferences to be presided over by the judges assigned to cases. It is expected that further changes will be implemented as experience is gained under the revised rule set.

WILLICK LAW GROUP promotes improvements to the practice in as many ways as they can be achieved. Mr. Willick has been a proponent of implementing an “active case management” model for Nevada Family Courts since 1992, and worked to implement a uniform Nevada financial disclosure form since 1994.

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