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For many years, Nevada did not recognize specialists in areas of law.  In December, 2003, however, the Nevada Supreme Court authorized the Nevada State Bar to certify legal specialists.  In February, 2005, the Board of Governors of the Bar approved Standards for Certification of Family Law Specialists, and recognized the existing Nevada Fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers as certified specialists.

The Family Law Section directed Mr. Willick, who has been an AAML Fellow for many years, to create a certification test for family law practitioners.  The first test was administered in the summer of 2006, and later tests were given periodically thereafter.  Mr. Willick drafted the first two examinations testing the knowledge of those who would like to be recognized as specialists in Family Law, and remains involved in test drafting and editing as necessary.

The only other organization offering a specialization credential for family law is the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA), which has named Mr. Willick as a Board-certified Family Law Trial Advocate.

Mr. Willick has long been involved in family law specialist certification initiatives.  He was a member of the Family Law Advisory Committee that designed the NBTA program in 1994, and represented the State Bar of Nevada in the national roundtables that laid the groundwork for the creation of Nevada’s own specialization process.

Family law involves statutes, rules, and issues not found anywhere else in the law, and technical expertise in those areas is essential to competently handle matters as diverse as the applicable factors for altering child custody and the federal requirements to have a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) approved and enforced.  It takes years of experience and diligent, continuing, study to attain and maintain such expertise.  For those who would be known as family law specialists, learning never ends.

WILLICK LAW GROUP is a Domestic Relations and Family Law firm committed to ensuring that its attorneys are as highly trained and educated in our area of practice as is possible.  Firm lawyers routinely write articles and teach seminars on various Family Law topics, as well as attending continuing legal education courses taught by others, with the expectation of maintaining the specialized education and training necessary to competently and confidently address the wide range of issues arising in Family Law cases.


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