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The Willick Law Group is fortunate to receive numerous letters and notes of appreciation from our clients. Following, edited for confidentiality, are just a few examples of the many compliments we have received:

I was hit by suprise by my Ex-wife 3 years after our divorce for a change in custody arrangements filled with false accusations. Mr. Willick’s team immediately went into action for me. Their knowledge on family law is extensive and they even uncovered several mistakes made by opposing cousel. They even worked through difficult circumstances as I was on active duty with the military and out of state at the time. We were able to handle everything by phone and e-mail, even my appearance in court! They were able to explain all the details in layman’s terms for me and, because of my military service (and the less than average income associated with that service), were able to keep my fees to a minimum while securing a significant victory for me and my family. The Willick Law group is a firm you want on YOUR side, and not one you ever want to go up against in court!

Mr. Willick is determined to fight for the rights of his clients and to see justice for both parties. His paralegals worked closely with me to keep me informed as well as to be very thorough in the accuracy of the information they had. My only concern arose after Mr. Willick’s office had completed the case and the final order was mailed to me; there was not a willingness to go over the few questions that I had regarding that order. Mr. Willick is very knowledgeable and accurate and knows and understands the laws and how they apply to your case individually. All in all in was a great experience working with him and his office.

Marshal Willick have represented me in several occation and I honnestly don’t think I have any word that would cover all he has done for my 9 year old son and I.
I am forever grateful and will recommand him and his team to anyone.
He is trustworthy, exstreamly knowledgable, fair and basically don’t give up. He fights for his client with a dignity and grace, consistant and in a very clever way.

WE ALL are very indebted to you for your research, articles, and almost daily contributions to evolving problems in this area.

Your recent letter to the Oklahoma State Senate brought me to tears Thank you for interjecting basic law and common sense. I Thank God for you Sir.
Former Military Spouse
You are the only one I feel will be able to end this nonsense once and for all.


As usual, you are the voice of reason. Your message captured the essence of this new situation in the ever-changing world of family law.

Virginia Divorce Law Expert

You have touched many lives in many different ways and some you don’t even know about and some are just trickle down results from something down way up the line. You touch lives everyday. Never doubt that you make a difference!

You are wonderful to respond so quickly or at all for that matter! You are a blessing.

I have read with such interest your many contributions to the military family law list serve and have learned so much. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I look forward to meeting you one of these days so that I have the opportunity to tell you that in person!

Rhode Island Family Law Expert

I have known Attorney Willick for many years, both as a colleague and as an opponent in several divorce cases. Approximately one year ago, I also became a client.

I was one of four attorneys involved in a complex divorce case. Two of us jointly retained Attorney Willick to advise the court on certain issues involving retirement benefits. As always, I was impressed with the excellent quality of his work. The Senior Judge assigned to the case openly expressed his gratitude for Attorney Willick’s thorough and informative expert report.

Marshal Willick is regarded by both judges and attorneys as a leading authority in family law, pensions and retirement benefits. In addition to his extensive knowledge, he has a great sense of humor and is truly a pleasure to work with.

I know that I have said thank you to you many times, but I just can’t say it enough for all that you have done for me over the last two years. You have truly been an angel to my family. You have brought me back to reality when I needed it. You helped me believe in myself, and stay strong. You helped me see that it wasn’t my fault, and I simply did the best I could. When I doubted myself most and had no one else to give me that support, you were there to give it to me. You never turned your back on me and never gave me any reason to doubt or question you. I’ll never forget what a great person you have been to me and my children. How you took us under your wing and treated me no differently than any other clients you have who pay big dollars to utilize you. I always said that you took care of me like a father would his daughter. Just know that in a way I may not be able to explain, you have given me back so much confidence in myself, and I know now that I am a good mom, and that I was a good wife.

Just wanted to offer a sincere “thank you” for your website which is such a generous sharing of your knowledge and expertise. I often come here to educate and re-educate myself even tho I do not practice in AZ b/c I almost always learn something that is applicable in my home state (of LA).

Kari and Tisha,

I just want to thank you for everything you have done so far. I know we didn’t get the outcome we wanted on Tuesday, but I still feel confident you guys will help me get what I need. This is such a huge thing for me and I know I can be high maintenance! It is just going to change my life forever if me and the kids have to live apart from my husband/ their stepdad for years to come. I really do not believe it is best for us to stay in Las Vegas without him and I am appreciative that you guys are doing everything you can to help me. Your responsiveness and great communication helps me to stay calm and focused on the outcome. I never feel stressed because I know I can ask any question that pops up and it gets answered in a very timely manner (even the crazy one!). You guys are making the worst situation in my life (even worse then my divorce!) manageable and I really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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