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Property Inquiry

Question asked on Jan 01st, 2017 Q: My wife left the house 5+ weeks ago. I have not filed for Divorce yet. She showed back up and entered the home and is now refusing to leave. The apartment is owned by my employer and only allowed to live there because I work here....

Child Custody

Question asked on Dec 16th, 2016 Q: My daughters dad is an alcoholic and has a history of dui there is no custody agreement and he is demanding I give him my address so that he can come take my daughter from me. Do I have to give him my address? She is only 2 months...

How can a 16 year old talk to a judge

Question asked on Dec 07th, 2016 Q:  I'm a minor , how can I get to speak to a judge we are in the middle of a fight for custody, but there are certain factors that would help us stay with my mom. Can anyone tell me how I can speak to a judge, since we can't get a...

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