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Home equity in a Nevada divorce.

Question asked on Mar 21st, 2017 Q: My wife bought a home on her own 10 months before we were married for 110,000 in oct 2013. We were married in aug 2014 My name is not on the mortgage. For the past two years she has not worked because she is a stay at home mom and...

How to terminate fathers parental rights

Question asked on Mar 16th, 2017 Q: My daughter biological father has had no contact for over 2 years , he was abusive to me and my daughter .he has a long violent/nonviolent criminal record and charges that I pressed against him .he has never helped me with clothing,...

Need info on out of country custody.

Question asked on Mar 05th, 2017 Q: Parents in the middle of a separation and beginnings of divorce. (No filings from either party as of 3/5/17) Custody has been mutually agreed to be split 50/50 but, again, not ordered however has been amicable. Father has been...

Can I get custody of my niece? And how?

Question asked on Jan 26th, 2017 Q: My brother has custody of his daughter. Shes 5 years old and he doesnt take care of her. He rather do drugs and neglect her needs. Her mom is in another city on drugs and prostitution. He recently left her home alone, while she was...

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